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Trigger factory implementation ?

What is purpose of Trigger factory and where can we use this?


Thanks for link but already i gothorugh that my question was in which cases we will use and governer limits applicable and please let me know if any scenarios avalible?


A trigger factory is mainly used when we have a lot of triggers running on the same object so we use a trigger handler class. one trigger basically summarizing all triggers on the obj.one trigger basically calling different classes like before upd and after upd will be two sepearate classes which will be called when a record is updated on that object.So you perform all the actions u need to on before update and then the after update class gets called and then the other actions are performed.Basically this is done to prevent a messso that a developer knows what exactly is going on that object before any enhancements are made to it and ofcourse to prevent too many SOQL queries error.

Yoganand GadekarYoganand Gadekar