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How do I clear the Tests tab in the Dev Console?

For some reason in the Developer Console the Tests tab seems to stop displaying new test results after 4 runs.  Anyone else noticed the problem?  I'm wondering if there's a menu entry somewhere that lets me to clear the tab, but not finding any.  It'd be handy not just for when it's stuck, but also when my result list grows too long.  Any suggestion is appreciated.


That's true. It happens and I have to close and restart Developer Console. I know, this is not a better option but it is only option as we don't have clear test or refresh and clear kinda options.



Max H. GoldfarbMax H. Goldfarb
This is obviously a very old post, but in case anyone happens to stumble across it, feel free to run the following script I wrote to close all Test and Query tabs in the SFDC Dev Console:
var x = document.getElementsByClassName("x-tab-inner");
for (i = 0; i < x.length; i++) {
    var tabCheck = x[i];
    if (tabCheck.innerHTML.includes("Log executeAnon") || tabCheck.innerHTML.includes("TestRun") || (tabCheck.innerHTML.includes("@") && (tabCheck.innerHTML.includes("AM") || tabCheck.includes("PM")))) {