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Frank MamoneFrank Mamone 

How do I unit test VF controller?

New to Unit Testing....


When running this statement using Eclipse Force IDE, I get no results when running Test for a test class, but get correct results when using Execute Anonymous:


Integer startCountFeedPosts =[Select count() From CollaborationGroupFeed where parentId in (select id from CollaborationGroup where name='All Mamotek Solutions')];


Thank you.






Just use this on your page


but make this "startCountFeedPosts" public with get; set; on your Apex class


{!startCountFeedPosts }




Frank MamoneFrank Mamone
Perhaps I was not clear.

This is part of the Apex course from the partner site. It teaches how to run unit tests.

So, I when I said Run Test, I meant that in Eclipse, I right-click the class and choose "Run Tests".

The line returns 0 records.

Then, I test the same line using Execute Anonymous tab in Eclipse and it works returns 1, which is correct.

Thanks again.