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Praveen NPraveen N 

SOQL query working differently


i have following SOQL query using in apex class,it is working fine for all profiles except one profile. When I run the following SOQL query in workbench with user login who has problematic profile,it is returning result . Same SOQL query is not returning results in apex class for this user. i am not using with sharing key word to class,it runs system mode.

Is there any specific profile permission to set? If you any idea please help me on this issue.

SOQL query:

[select id,name from user where (name='Pending Assignment 01' OR name='Pending Assignment 02' OR name='Pending Assignment 03' OR name='Pending Assignment 04') ORDER By Name ASC





Can you post the error message you are getting.

Praveen NPraveen N

i am not getting any error. just not return any rows.