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Winter 14 Bug: The configuration of your org has changed ----- NO IT HASNT!

We are seeing this issue in our managed packaged in Sandboxes that have been updated to Winter 14.


"The configuration of your org has changed, please reload the page. Missing dependent object: Field: Account.SicDesc"
We are catching this error and displaying the message but we are having a very hard time locating the source as even the Debug logs are not showing any exception occuring, caught or not.
Any ideas?




No luck, this is happening when executing a JavaScript Remoting call, not when trying to save metadata files.


And there has been no code changes, works in Summer 13, fails in Winter 14.


This is definitely a bug, the error is occuring when executing "Limits.getHeapSize();". Opening a case now.


FYI - We're getting the same bug, also on the Limits.getHeapSize() call.  Attempted to get around this error by using try/catch, but it seems to be an uncatchable error.


Upgrading API version of the class resolved this for us.