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Dynamic Logical Operations

Hi friends,

I have a requiremnt like,

there are 2 objects




And CN has a Lookup relationship with BR


Each BR may have more than one CNs;

On BR object one of the field will have some logic like below,

1 OR (2 AND 3)



1, 2 and 3 are the CN records say some condition records

each condition record will have 3 fields like below,

Field Name              Operator                      Value

Status                        equals                         New


Now I need to perform validations from Apex.

Can someone help me ?

Thanks in advance.




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I got it,

Thanks for your support

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If i have understood your requirements correctly, I dont think this is possible in Apex.
This involves parsing the logic in the BR Object. Parsing in itself is a complex subject. Also you have to take care of errors, What if there is a syntax error like missing parenthesis. And then you have to take care of precedence for complex logic involving many nested parenthesis.

Satish Kumar
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I got it,

Thanks for your support

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