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communitiy: can user register and change password without email link?

I'm using custom VF for all my community pages. One of these is the registration page. Currently the user fills out the registration form, the controller creates their account, contact, and user. They then receive an email, click the link and it takes them to the change password page, they change their password and they're in.


I'd like to skip the email link step. I'd like to allow the user to register, then go directly the the change password page. 


The link in the welcome email looks something like (https://<mysite>.force.com/landing/login?<longstringofchars>) I'm assuming this <longstringofchars>  an authentication token. 


Is there any way for me to replicate this link and simply direct the user to it immediately after registering without forcing them to go to their email first?






As per standard user authentication process, user will have to go to email before log in first time. This step is basically required go authenticate user's email address.