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Schedule vs. Time Based Workflow



I have a requirement that everytime a user changes ownership of a Lead, after 60 days that Lead needs to be re-evaluated. If after 60 days the Lead has not been converted, it needs to automatically be reassigned to the original owner (which there will be a field for).


Is the best way to handle this through TBWF or through apex scheduling? Sounds like Time Based Workflow due to the 100 class scheudling limit. Is there a similar limit on workflow?

Any other suggestions?

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Time based workflow is probably your best bet, no need to re-invent the wheel if Salesforce has already done it for you. As far as limitations go, depending on what level your org is (Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, etc.), you can have 250-1000 time based actions occur per hour. So unless your sales team is generating 1000s+ of leads per day or you have marketing campaigns that auto generate leads, I don't forsee this limitation coming into play.