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Reverse lookup between 2 custom objects

Hi All,


I have encountered with a typical design decision.


We have 2  objects A,B (A parent to B) with  lookup relation for more than 2 years, all of a suddent our client wanted to make some  changes , the main part of which is to make the child parent to its existing parent. so now B becomes parent to A . Did anyone used this kind of reverse relation , if so will it cause any troble on the long run? the main idea is to eliminate the redundancay as we have to maintain the old relationship for the old data. Also many of the functionalities on the individual objects will remain the same.






Simply Export Data from those objects.


Then Create new look up what you want.


Fill that look up field with related child record using anonymous block.


Then remove old look up.





I just wanted to know that the to and fro lookups can co-exist in harmony or not. 


removing the old lookup will terminate the old relationship and design, but it should not happen, the old records should still follow the same old design. I have the option of creating new objects, but I will just endup creating many other redundant objects and code.




Yoganand GadekarYoganand Gadekar

shouldnt be a problem... you will have to remove the previoulsly used related list....


More Risk is there..


Better to go for creation of New object ... fetch the data as you want... Security purpose...


Decide your self..........

I went ahead and created the reverse lookups, so far i didnt faced any issue. Atlast the client decided to remve the old process.