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Logo in template got blurred



Document generated from Third party (other than salesforce) is saved under 'Notes & Attachments' in Opportunity.

When the saved file is viewed, dark grey line is added below the image which making the image blurred.


Can anyone please help me in resolving this issue.


Thanks in advance.



If the document is generated from a third party, then it sounds like the problem is in the app that the 3rd party generates.  The file that gets stored in Notes & Attachments is nothing but the data that was created by the 3rd party app.  It's important to keep in mind that logos are notorious for coming out blurry and low res looking when you generate a document with them.  Anytime I need to put a logo on a template, I always insert a HUGE, high quality version of the logo into the doc, and then shrink the dimensions (so that it still retains the same high resolution).  Then the logo won't look blurry when the doc is generated.


If you're making a template using the Quotes object in salesforce, then you need to use Internet Explorer to resize the image (as the resize handles don't work in Chrome, and I can't remember if they work or not in FireFox).