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Modifying Dependant Opportunities on Oppty is not updating 'LastModifiedDate' on Parent Opportunity



If we modify related list like dependent opportunities on a opportunity used to update LastModifiedDate on a opportunity and on parent opportunity as well.


But today when i modify/delete dependent opportunies on a opportunity then it is not updating the LastModifiedDate on parent opportunities.


I have checked this bahaviour in Sandbox environment.


Can anyone know the reason for why it is not happening so?


Your feedback is appreciated.






When you mention dependent Opportunities, is this a hierarchial relationship you have created on the Opportunity object?


Moreover, I understand that the lastmodifieddate is the audit field which should not be affected by the child record updates/deletes it being specific to one record(i.e the parent record)




Hi Sonam,

In the last I have checked this behaviour and it is used to update LastModifiedDate on Child & parent opportunities.

Surprisingly today it is failing to update it.

I have checked we have not done any component changes in our environment.

G. Surender


Ok, Can you please check/recall if your parent opportunity had any field that got updated depending on the updates on the child opportunity? and you have removed this particular field from the parent opportunity now..which is the reason ther eis no change in the parent opportunity.


 This is ONE option where Lastmodifieddate on the parent will be modified as there is a change on that record itself depending on child.