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Trigger that automatically adds opp products based on other Products chosen

We want to automatically add Maintenance Products to our Opportunity Products when a License is chosen.  We dont want sales to have to click on both products, but always have the maintenance product get inherited from the license product.  I am told that apex trigger ios only way for this to happen.

Jake GmerekJake Gmerek

Yes you are correct. You would need a trigger on the opportunity product that checked the type of product (however you assign in). If it is a License the trigger would have to create a new product and insert it.


Here is generally what you want to do


trigger myTrigger on OpportunityLineItem(before insert)

List<OpportunityLineItem> ItemsToInsert = new List<OpportunityLineItem>();

for (OpportunityLineItem oli: trigger.new)
   if (oli.type = 'License')
      ItemsToInsert.add(new OpportunityLineItem(unitprice = 1.00, quantity = 1, pricebookid = {some id you have to find for the specific product}, opportunityid = oli.opportunityid));

insert ItemsToInsert;

 This is just the basic structure and I suspect that the finished product would be way more complicated because I am sure that you have multiple products with a 'license' type and may have to pick a 'maintenance' product based on some criteria, but this should get you started.