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Master -detail Object ?

Which standard object having master-details Relation ship insalesforce .    ple tel me some of the object name 


thank u. 



Dhaval PanchalDhaval Panchal
Between Quote and QuoteLineItem objects.

tell me one more object

Dhaval PanchalDhaval Panchal
But tell me what you want to know, what is your requirement. If you see Opportunity and OpportunityLineItem, both have Lookup relationship but without Opportunity, you can not create LineItem record and even you can not edit that lookup field also.
There are lot of standard objects in Salesforce with an MD relationship.

You can check the link below for an ERD diagram of all the standard objects in salesforce.
You can then get an idea of the Objects having an MD relationship with other objects.


Hope this helps.

Satish Kumar

Dhaval PanchalDhaval Panchal
Entitlement object has master-detail relationship with Account
Dhaval PanchalDhaval Panchal
Entitlement Contact has master detail relationship with Contact and Entitlement Objects
Dhaval PanchalDhaval Panchal
Contract Line Item has MD relationship with Service Contract object.