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order of multiple triggers one by one on one object in salesforce

Con anyone help me


Here you will get the complete story 




#Note: Although it is not advisable to use multiple triggers on the same object, but sometimes situation comes to create it.

Before Triggers

After Triggers


If you have two before/after triggers for the same object then that sequence is random. Anyone can be called first.


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 What you heve suggested that is order of execution in salesforce but what i am asking is 


i have 4 triggers on case object , how to sequencial execute 4 triggers one by one whichever i specify 

this is my issue 


If you can check the post again you will found that r before triggers will execute first then the after triggers.


But if you have two before triggers or two after triggers for the same object then those trigger execution is random. You cannot say which before trigger will call first.


Souvik is correct -- you can't rely on order of execution of >1 trigger of the same type; A good solution if you have complete control over your triggers is to implement this pattern: http://developer.force.com/cookbook/recipe/trigger-pattern-for-tidy-streamlined-bulkified-triggers 


I use this pattern in all my projects as it allows me control over execution order as there is only a single Trigger per SObject. Very clean, very nice