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how to avoid duplicate name ?


My requirement is i have two objects class and student which are in MDR.


object 1 - class - Fields- class name.

object 2 -  student -Fields- student name, class(MDR), status(attending,dropping)


My requirement is  a student can attend multiple classes and at the same time only one record has to be

created with that student name where..mulitple classes can be included in tat record.


Plz suggest me how to work on it.


Thanks in advance.




Prashant TiwariPrashant Tiwari
Hey...I missed that its a master-detail relationship and in this scenario this solution won't work.

You can create text box with unique value. Through trigger you can add the student name and class name value in ts field. Then trigger will mange the unique value of this combination.

Please let e know if you need nay help
I have not received any update, if you need any help please let me know