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Code coverage display was there - now it's gone?

Used to be able to see the percent of code coverage in the Apex Classes Screen. When clicking on the code coverage, used to see the lines coverd in green and not covered lines in red.


That is now gone?


So I have to use Eclipse to see what is and is not covered?


It used to be easy to see what needed to be covered and make sure the test hit the uncovered lines.


Is this a new feature?

The only way to see it now it using the dev console under the tests tab, opening the class and changing the drop down. You may also see the coverage (although I have not tried this) by viewing the class.trigger, and new the name it shows the coverage. Not sure if you can clik on it and display the lines covered.

Its a real PITA and I do not like it at all....
Yes, infact salesforce reported it as a a known issue and they are working on it.


Satish Kumar
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