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System.setPassword Unexpected_Exception

I attempted SF Support twice to fix this issue, which has failed to resolve the issue.  So, I wanted to take it to the developer community to see if it is a problem with only us or if it's something larger.


We have a couple of classes that give the functionaly to change the users' passwords by calling System.setPassword(<UserId>, <Password);  These classes have been unchanged for many months and we have been deploying other code just fine.  This was the case until the Winter '14 update.  Ever since that update we have not been able to deploy *any* code due to those two classes erroring out with an Unexpected_Exception.  This happens even if we try to deploy an empty class.  If we comment out the lines (thus removing that functionality), the deployments are successful. 

One more oddity about this is that the test methods for these classed succeed if they are ran; it only fails during a deploy.


So, does anyone use this functionality/call?  Are they experiencing problems deploying?

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