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Action:function usage

while using action:function the page is automatically reloading and controller and constructor call is made .. i want to stop reloading how can i do that because once the page reloads the value in the variable resets as null..But i dont want that....

define a "rerender=" attribute for you action function then it will not reload the page and if u r calling a Javascript on onclick event of a button and then calling your action fucntion from there then you must return flase form your JS function also you must append this on your button " onclick="return youJSFunctionname();" "

<apex:commandbutton onclick="return youJSFunctionname();"/>



I assume actioin method in controller is returning null, could you please mark you action method as 'void' type. Something like below:-


public void <actionMethodName>(){
   //body of your action method
   // it will not return anything

 Let me know if you have any question.




1) add onclick="return youJSFunctionname();" in your button
2) add rerender=" attribute in action function
3) make you method in controller Void

do ail these 3 steps and i hope your issues get resolve