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Trigger problem

I am trying to get build a trigger when the custom object sitevist has the record type daily select and the field baseboard_stairway__C is false then create a care.  i saved without any errors but then i save the new sitevisit i get the following error


Error: Invalid Data. 
Review all error messages below to correct your data.
Apex trigger SV_Cases caused an unexpected exception, contact your administrator: SV_Cases: execution of AfterInsert caused by: System.QueryException: List has no rows for assignment to SObject: Trigger.SV_Cases: line 3, column 1


Here is my code:  please show me what i am missing



trigger SV_Cases on SiteVisit__c (after insert) {
 List<Case>cases=new List<Case>();
  Id rtId = [select Id,name from RecordType where name='Label of the record type' and SObjectType='sitevisit' limit 1].Id;  
    for(sitevisit__C b:Trigger.new)
     if(b.baseboard_stairway__c == 'False' )
    Case newCase=new Case(subject='Test',Status='New',Origin='Web');
    insert newCase; 


This line:


Id rtId = [select Id,name from RecordType where name='Label of the record type' and SObjectType='sitevisit' limit 1].Id;  


Is not returning any records.


Change it to:


RecordType[] rtId = [select Id,name from RecordType where name='Label of the record type' and SObjectType='sitevisit' limit 1];

If rtid.isEmpty(){

  //Throw error as nothing was found


//Process code here



how to i get it to run the record type
Satyendra RawatSatyendra Rawat



Update the your Code.


Id rtId = [select Id,name from RecordType where name='Label of the record type' and SObjectType='SiteVisit__c' limit 1].Id;