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Custom Soap Webservice Test



          I develop a custom soap webservice, i am using soapui tool for testing, when i use this means at that time

 only single record is inserting, may i know how can i test my program for bulk data.




Go to developer Console and update records of that object on which you want to check the webservice in bulk


Like if you want to check on Account


Go to Setup --> Developer Console --> Debug --> Open Execute Anonymous Window

Write your code their something like this


List<Account> account = [ Select Id, Name From Account];

for(Account acc : account) {

//Use that field for which you want to check webservice acc.Name = 'test'; } update account;






     global class Integration



        global class AllObjects


          webservice string aName;

          webservice string aNum;


         webservice string cName



     global class Return


        webservice string raName;



   webservice static Return Allobjectsmethod(AllObjects a1)


         Account a = new Account();

         a.Name  = a1.aName;

         a.Number = a1.aNum;

         insert a;


       Contact c  = new Contact();

        c.Name = a1.cName;

        insert c;


      Return r  =  new Return();

      r.raName = a.Name;

      return r;




  by above webservice i am inserting only 1account,1contact,1opportunity at a time how can i insert multiple accounts, contacts

                may  i know where should i have to modifiy my code.


Is that all your code,


Have you tried to run the code, if yes then send me the error with line number





         I run this code, i am not getting any error but by using above webservice i am inserting only 1 account at a time,


        but i want to modify my webservice insert multiple accounts at a time.


Thats perfect, so now you can write a batch or a trigger (bulk) usig this classes method


So then you can use the webservice to update your records in bulk




  Can you give me some trigger code based upon my  webservice






here is an example

trigger TriggerAccount on Account (after insert, after update) {
            if(Trigger.isInsert || Trigger.isUpdate){
                //calling helper class
              TriggerHelper.accountTwitterRatingUpdate(Trigger.newMap, Trigger.oldMap);      

 Helper class

public with sharing class TriggerHelper {
  //method called by account Trigger
  public static void accountTwitterRatingUpdate(Map<Id, Account> mapAccount, Map<Id, Account> oldMapAccount) {
    //set of accountId 
    Set<Id> accId = new Set<Id>();
    //Iterating records   
       for(Account account : mapAccount.values()){  
         //YOUR LOGICS HERE