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How to write a workflow trigger



We are new to coding. We have a situation where the Workflow rule is not possible. So we need to write a trigger.


1. We have a custom object called SALES on Opportunity.

2. We have Master (Opportunity)-Detail (SALES) between these two.

3. All the fields (except Name) on SALES are formula fields derived from Opportunity.

4. We need to send outbound data when the SALES record gets updated.

5. We update an Opportunity and all the SALES records on that Opportunity are updated.

6. But since the fields on SALES are formula fields, our workflow rule does not fire on update.

7. So we need a trigger to fire the outbound data.

8. The fields on SALES are - OpportunityStage__c, OpportunityProbability__c.

9. We need to send the values of these fields and Salesforce ID of SALES to outbound message.


Can anyone please help us with trigger on this? We will highly appreciate the help.




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We need to write "after update" trigger.


Hey Roboti,


Go for this blog , its having the same thing You need