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Page Navigation Problem--Urgent

Hi ,

I am new to Visual force and I need help in page navigation setup .

I have 2 objects -Assignment, Assignment_Submission.
I created two pages namely "apage" for Assignment  object and "bpage" for Assignment_Submission object.
Assignment_Submission has a lookup relation with Assignment.

Before the user starts the assignment I want to store the time at which he starts the assignment. The time field is in Assignment_Submission object.  I dont want user to see the  Assignment before saving the time at which he started as the assignment is a time bound one.

Is it possible to do this using just visual force ? I dont know how to write the custom controller for this.
Or is there a way to write a trigger which fires when one sees the record. Pls help if anybody knows how to do it.

Any ideas will be helpful.


Ron HessRon Hess
Your best bet, from what i can tell is to write a simple detail page view override, using visualforce and a standard controller, with a simple extension that records the time the record was viewed.

this page is then used to override the detail view of that record, it records a time-stamp, and you have a field that records the first time viewed.