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instead of showing that i wanted to write a debug statement, why dont you show me the contents of the debug statement like i actually wanted? cause System.debug(ANY) is pretty useless...

Niket SFNiket SF

It will show. For which Class you are checking the debus please go to the class and check the "Log filtor" tab. and make level debug it will work.

System.debug() method will be shown messages in debug log.
so go to set debug log and select user.
then only display message in debug log.
Or you can see the debug logs in the dev console.

Satish Kumar

yeah, im not sure what you guys are referring to


i can see log levels in the dev console but they dont seem to do anything

i can see log filters in the class and still, no reall effect that i notice

i can see logs in the monitoring debug logs, that look the same as the ones in the dev console


what i dont see are my debug statements

nor do i see any ajax logs


what am i missing?