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apex:column headerdir="RTL" does not seem to work

<apex:pageBlock title="Lost Opportunites">
    <apex:pageBlockTable value="{!LostOpportunities}" var="aOpportunity" width="100%" >
                <apex:column headervalue="Opportunity Name" value="{!aOpportunity.Name}"/>
                <apex:column headervalue="Stage" value="{!aOpportunity.Stagename}"/>
                <apex:column headerdir="RTL" headervalue="Net Revenue" dir="RTL" value="{!aOpportunity.Sum_Net_Revenue__c}"/>
    </apex:pageBlockTable >

 This code results in the last column having the header left justified and the value right justified.  I want both header and value to be right justified (RTL).  Have I done this wrong or is it a bug?


Message Edited by GerhardNewman2 on 06-06-2008 12:35 AM
Ron HessRon Hess
This does look strange, i'll ask around, it may be a missing feature :smileyhappy:
any update on this one? I kind of needed it to work also :(

- Patrick
quick hack around it if you need GerhardNewman2 is to make the width of the last column you want as LTR a little wider for example you could make your
<apex:column headervalue="Stage" value="{!aOpportunity.Stagename}"/> column a bit wider with the width attribute

<apex:column width="70%" headervalue="Stage" value="{!aOpportunity.Stagename}"/>

Then just make your last two columns dir="RTL" ... it's dirty I know.. just play with percentages you may get something that works for you
if your values are fairly predictable.

You can set text-align property using in a headerclass.

<br> .columnHeader {<br> font-size: 1em;<br> font-weight: bold;<br> text-align: right;<br> }<br><style><br><br><apex:column value="{!vol.BTD__c}" dir="RTL" headerclass="columnHeader"/>