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Record Id problem


I created a button with different name for "New Note" under the Notes and Attachments section. My problem is
In the action method for the button when I copy the parent_id using


--it copies 18 bit record id an displays the "Data not available " error

but if I remove the last 3 bits of the record-id manually , it displays the page properly.
How do I supply only 15 bit record id for the record I am displaying.

This problem did not arise when I was renaming the Attach File button.

Can anybody tell me where  I am going wrong?

Ron HessRon Hess
can you cast your ID into a string, then use substring to return 15 chars?
Thanks Ron for the reply..

I could extract the substring but when it is added to the URL it agin displays the 18 character one ..I dont know how that is happening

Does the id gets changed to 18 character one when added to URL ?


I am still having this problem.  I tried shortening as well using substring, but it goes back to being 18 once it is placed into a id variable again...