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Professional Edition limitations for VF pages ?

In the FAQ for Visualforce pages I found this:
>> With Professional edition you cannot create custom logic for your pages, you must build pages with only standard controllers. <<
Is the "standardController"/"controller" attribute restricted in some way or is the "extensions" attribute not supported in Professional Edition ?
Is it possible that a Professional Edition user installs my certified managed package and create a new page using my custom controller class as an extension or will he get an error when saving the page ?

An example would be that we provide a controller class within our package that collects data for a quote from custom objects (as in the Quote2PDF example) and the user creates a VF page to be displayed as a PDF with his own layout.
I think that document may be out-of-date.

I'm just testing our app in Professional edition, and I've compiled & viewed a Visualforce page with a custom controller just fine.  (note - the controller is part of a managed package, whereas the page is not b/c pages can't be packaged yet...)

Also, the Visualforce PDF (Visualforce Developer's Guide) does not mention this "no custom controllers in Pro" restriction.

Great, thanks for the info.

Do you know if it is possible to override standard buttons (like New,View and Delete) with VF pages for custom objects in Professional Edition ?

I read somewhere that it is not possible and that would have a huge impact how I design an application that targets Professional and Enterprise Edition.


Ok, found the answer. Override of standard buttons is available since Summer 08 in Professional Edition.
Mani Cube84Mani Cube84
I unable to create VF Pages in Professional Edition, Instead it is throwing an error "can't alter meta data", can anyone help me how to create a visualforce page in professional edition