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Outlook Crash

During the last 3-4 months, outlook crashes when I send an email/add to sf. It does restart, but I would like to know how to address. Help!
Some additional information would be helpful:

1.  What version of Outlook?
2.  What version of SFDC plugin?
3.  Is this enterprise wide or only on one machine?
4.  Does it happen EVERY time or only some of the time?
5.  What other plugins are present (for example, Xobni or Webex)?


I reinstalled the Microsoft Outlook plug-in and that took care of my problem.

Thanks though.


I see the same thing.


1) outlook 2007, fully patched, vista business

2) plugin

3) only have one machine

4) Most of the time, not sure if always

5) nothing beyond defaults



And it's really frustrating so thank you for taking a look!