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customize quick create

Can we add fields to the Quick Create screen that users can create accounts with.

I have required fields when an account is created within SFDC.


I'd like to add additional fields to the "quick create" within the outlook tool


I agree! This is a must need feature. How can we use and enable the feature in SF if it does not encompase any required fields in the page layouts? Seems like a SF miss on the relevance of the feature and usibility of it in the real - world applications.


You should take a look at LinkPoint Vue, a CRM Adoption and Productivity tool for Outlook. LinkPoint Vue present Salesforce.com data inside Outlook to simplify how users view, update and access their Salesforce information. By presenting the CRM data within Outlook, users have immediate access to all the information related to the emails they send and receive. From there they can act upon the data with a single mouse-click and perform any variety of CRM functions.


There is also functionality to drag-n-drop an email signature into LinkPoint Vue to quickly create a new Contact or Lead in Salesforce.


Take a quick look how easy you can create a new Contact in Salesforce.com from an Email Signature



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