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VisualForce packagable?

I inquired about this at the beginning of July, but have not seen an update... are VisualForce pages packable yet? I was told this was their #1 priority but have seen no change. Any idea when this will become available?

Also, where can I look to monitor if this type of thing changes. Would this be something they would do in a big press release, or simply some footnote in an obscure part of the documentation?

Thanks in advance,
It is our #1 priority but there had not been a major release since I posted that and this is not the kind of functionality we would consider putting in a patch. Packaging/distribution support for VF is part of the Winter '09 release.
When is winter 09 scheduled to release?
Ron HessRon Hess
The schedule has not yet been announced.

Are you coming to Dreamforce ?
I will be at Dreamforce...Do you think it will be packageable before Dreamforce?