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Field help icon support in VF


Does VF support the field help icon?
I added the help to a custom field but it doesn't show up on my VF page that I display the label.

How do I show the help icon and the help text pop-up?

Thank you.
There are two ways to leverage the custom field-level help text.

1) Use of inputField or outputField within a pageBlockSection will surface the standard icon and behavior.
2) Use of pageBlockSectionItem within a pageBlockSection with the helpText attribute to provide page level help for the field or for adding help to non-field items  in the section

Note: for use with 2) or other non-standard mechanisms of displaying fields you can access custom field level help with the $ObjectType global. For example, say you have a custom field named "custom__c" on account with custom help text, you can access the text from an expression anywhere in your page like this:


Remember, $ObjectType.Account is essentially the DescribeSObjectResult for Account. Accessing Labels, fields, accessibility, and even help text, basically anything you can get in describe at the object and field level is available using this global.