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Multi Picklists Display Wierd in IE

I have a VF page with several multi select picklists. For some reason some of the multi picklists are to small to show the values for available or required. The values are only one character but still they should show up. Here is a screenshot and code. Does anyone know anyway to fix this?

        <apex:pageBlockSection title="Cosmetic Smile Enhancement" >
          <apex:inputField id="CosmeticSmileEnhancement" value="{!SoS_Case__c.Cosmetic_Smile_Enhancement__c}"/>
          <apex:inputField id="CSUpperFullArchMolar1" value="{!SoS_Case__c.CS_Upper_Full_Arch_Molar_1__c}"/>
          <apex:inputField id="CSUpperFullArchMolar2" value="{!SoS_Case__c.CS_Upper_Full_Arch_Molar_2__c}"/>
          <apex:inputField id="CSLowerFullArchMolar1" value="{!SoS_Case__c.CS_Lower_Full_Arch_Molar_1__c}" />
          <apex:inputField id="CSLowerFullArchMolar2" value="{!SoS_Case__c.CS_Lower_Full_Arch_Molar_2__c}"/>
          <apex:inputField id="CSRaisegingivalmarginonteeth" value="{!SoS_Case__c.CS_Raise_gingival_margin_on_teeth__c}" />
          <apex:inputField id="CSRaisegingivalmarginby" value="{!SoS_Case__c.CS_Raise_gingival_margin_by__c}" />
          <apex:inputField id="CSIncreaseIncisalLengthonTeeth" value="{!SoS_Case__c.CS_Increase_Incisal_Length_on_Teeth__c}"/>
          <apex:inputField id="CSIncreaseIncisalLengthBy" value="{!SoS_Case__c.CS_Increase_Incisal_Length_By__c}"/>


I am not sure if it will be effective but you can try the Style attribute and see if it responds.

<apex:inputField style="width:400px"/>


That didnt work. One thing I did notice is that when I click on the arrow to move values over, the values magically appear. HELP PLEASE!
It would possibly help if you made your labels shorter. that would provide more space for your components.
Altimately instead of using two columns in your pageblockSection use one.

Good luck!