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Force.com Sites

I am excited about the possibilities of what Force.com Sites will bring to the world of platform software development and web marketing. Having a much deeper knowledge of web technology, SEO and marketing than I do with even CRM, I see infinite possibilities. I connected with the Product Managers at Dreamforce and hope to feed them some good ideas as to how to shape this new capability to include general best practices. I am curious to hear what others think about the possibilities.

In the meantime, I have posted the first of hopefully many ideas in this space relating to URL structures and how they might map to Apex pages. Please take a moment to read and vote if you agree. Anyone who has built a commercial site lately with dynamic data will agree with the critical nature of this feature. Afterall who wants to go back to www.mysite.com/controllerPage?id=0034000000PZ9B2 when our Force.com sites could look like www.mysite.com/pages/support.