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Related Tables in Word Mail Merge

Hi...I have a custom object ('line_item') that is related to Contracts via the contract number.  I have two questions :

1. Can I pull values for the related line items when I mail merge from the contracts page?

2. Can I use the same syntax as opportunity product lines (i.e. 'LINE_ITEM_CONTRACT_ID_START') for printing multiple records?


I am on Professional Edition, thanks for any help forthcoming.



Addendum : I am actually not getting ANY items returned from 'Line Item' - even if I included nothing but their field names.
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Hi Ben,


You could try the Conga Merge App, it can pull data from more sources.



Has anyone figured out a way to do this without buying another app?

I am not aware of anyway to do this without an add-on, and i have done my research!!


The only other option I can think of is to get a special report built (by a programmer) which will capture all the info you need so that you can export it and use with microsoft word.