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Outlook plugin repeatable crash

I think we've narrowed this down a bit. I am using Vista Business and Outlook 2007, both latest patch. I have salesforce outlook plugin and can cause a crash on demand.


If I use the button send and add to salesforce, it will crash outlook. Here's the key. If I am saving a record for a contact that I have already sync'ed to salesforce, it will NOT crash. If I save an email and do not have an outlook contact established AND synced at least once, it will crash outlook.


Any ideas?

Hello, I am experiencing a lot of problems with the new plugin for Outlook and Vista.
Salesforce support still not have the solution and I think there are some problems in this plug in.
I solved the problem for some users installing the old version of the plug in
I let you know if i receive a good answer next days from Salesforce.