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Connect for Office - Imported reports in Excel will not refresh

I rely heavily on Excel for generating complex reports from Salesforce.  I use Office Connect to import unformatted reports and use Excel to combine and format the data.  For some reason, after the initial import of some reports, the refresh report does not work.  for example, I have a spreadsheet where I have imported 5 different reports.  When I select "Refresh All", only 3 will refresh.  For the other two reports, I have to delete the old report and re-import them. 


I'm using the latest version of Office Connect and Office 2007. 


Any ideas on how to get my reports to refresh every time?



This still seems to be an issue 2 years later and I cannot find any help online. I know you should not change the name of the worksheet after you import, but that's the only clue. Anyone else found this?


Hi - I  noticed a bug. If you import a file and then rename the tab it will not appear in the refresh list. I think that you need to rename the tab first and then do the import - that way the report is populated into the refresh list and what's more - stays there!