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Copy and Paste text from Salesforce into an Outlook message and Outlook shuts down?!

So maybe this isnt exactly about Desktop Integration but its the closest accessible board to our issue.


We have a user who is using Salesforce on a computer with Windows 7, Office 2007, and IE8.


He has a habit of copying and pasting the text from a completed task in Salesforce into a new Outlook email message. This seems simple and innocent enough, but when he does it, he gets the hour glass for about 30 seconds and then it shuts Outlook down, wants to Send an Error Report, and then he has to restart Outlook, never getting the text to actually paste.

The text is not hyperlinked, but I do notice that when he hovers over the text in Salesforce, it gets a light blue box around it and upon right-clicking, he has options such as Blog with Windows Live and Send to Excel.


Now, when he does the same action in Firefox, the text copies and pastes just as you would expect.


Is this an issue with Salesforce in IE8?  IE8 itself does not seem to cause the same issues when text is copy and pasted from other websites.


This is happening to ALL of my users copying from SalesForce into email.  This happens on Windows 7 and XP, here.  I ruled out all IE, as you can copy and paste just fine from any other website to email...no hourglass.  This seems to be a Salesforce issue. 


Does anyone know of a fix?