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StandardController recordSetVar OpportunityLineItem issue

Hi all,
I got an error
Error: List controllers are not supported for OpportunityLineItem

The standardcontroller works for OpportunityLineItem. but once I added recordSetVar, I got the above error. How can I make a list button on product related list against opp. It seems s-control is the only way I can use. I don't want extra custom object for that purpose. So SF guru, do you put any restriction on list controller for opportunitylineitem. if yes, I switch to s-control.





Yes we restrict list controllers ( standardCOntroller + recordSetVar attribute) to only top-level standard and custom objects so effectively you can not create a list button to a Visualforce page for OpportunityLineItem today.

got it

thanks! :)





You said this is not available "toda" : are there plans to change this ?



Hi Suzanyu,

Actually, you can select  "Display in existing window ..." paste your visual page link and insert correct Id. You can create a List button without recordSetVar.