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can I create a wizard and still use standard controllers


I am using salesforce standard Case object which has quite a few fields. And what I want to be able to do is the following:

1. User creates a new Case entry (or edit an existing entry), and they checked a specific field in the Case page layout (which would be based off standard salesforce page layout and profile permission setting).
2. When user clicks on the Save button , if they had checked a specific field, then a Visualforce page would show up that would  contain additional information for them to fill out.  And once they fill out the additional info, they would click Save (or Cancel) and this will complete the case creation/editing process.

I've seen the examples in visualforce where you use custom controller to create wizards where you 1st create an Account and then Contact and then Opportunity. But I really want to leverage the various page layout and profile permissions that came with a standard controller. So am wondering if there's a way to use a standard controller but somehow modified the behavior so that when the user click on the Save button, it would render an additional pageblock section if certain criteria is met.

Is this do-able?
I have the visualforce code for part 2 ready and right now I can sort of simulate this behavior by creating a custom button that when the user clicks on, it will check the specific field in the Case and depending on the value, will render a page block that require user to enter additional inputs, or just return a message saying "criteria not met to be able to do this".  But it would be more elegant to have this function be done when the user clicked on the Save button.