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Visualforce in Standard Layout

I read the suggestion about embedding a visualforce page in a standard layout.  It seems like a great solution for a user story I am working on  I tried it and I am seeing some unusual behavior and I am not sure if it is a limitation on the capability or I have coded the page incorrectly. 
My page contains a pageBlockTable.  One of the columns in the table references another object.  The first issue I see is if there are more than 3 rows in the table, the rows beyond 3 are not displayed although I see them if I run the visualforce page outside of the standard page layout.  The second issue I see is if I hover over the link, the bubble containing the mini page is cut off.
Is there something I should do in the visualpage to scale it?  Or is there something I need to do to the page layout to increase the size of the section where I placed the visualforce page?
i think i can suggest something for your first issue.  if you go to the page layout of the standard layout and double click on the vf page itself, you'll be able to adjust the height/width of the vf page in pixels.  that way when your vf page displaies more than 3 rows, your vf page should be large enough to cover them.  however, the height you specify is constant, so if your table displayes one row, the space for your vf page will still allocate what you specfied in the height/width settings



Did you find a solution to the cut off bubbles?


Well it wasn't a specific fix - but when the page is configured in the page you can specify the size of the area in the page.  When I did that the bubbles behaved in a better manner.


Sorry I don't have a full solution.

This occurs because visualforce appears in an iframe that is currently not resizable in realtime. I believe there's a Winter '10 fix that addresses this specific issue. Regardless, you might consider also replacing the entire page (if that's a viable solution). The "detail" and "relatedList" tags can assist you in creating a page that otherwise appears to be normal, but with additional widgetry inside a part of the page.