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How to upload document in VF?

Is there any apex control for the uploading file? I didn't see any filed type for binary file so how should I handle document uploading?
BTW, I see the attachment in serveral tab but didn't find any way to do program based on the attachment.

Many thanks in advance
Can you be more specific about your requirement.
Since we faced the same problem.
There is no such option to upload a file in visualforce.
But if can specify your requirement clearly so that I can suggest you the best way to resolve it.

Yeah, we wanna upload the file to the salesforce and at the same time we want to have a copy on our file server.
I didn't find any apex control to handle the file on VF.
The notes and attachment seems the only option for me but I don't really want to use it since I have no access to operate the attachment.
My team is already in the process of adding a new component (apex:inputFile) and also augmenting apex:inputField to provide support for file uploading, multi part mime form encoding, etc. This is scheduled to be part of the next major release of salesforce.com.