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Eclipse hiding namespace in VF pages?

I have a packaged (managed) visualforce page with references to custom objects and s-controls. The odd thing I'm seeing all of a sudden is that the namespace is hidden in eclipse, but visible in the SF UI.


For instance, a link to a custom tab in the web editor for the page looks like:


<a href="{!URLFOR($Action.ns__CustomObj__c.Tab, $ObjectType.ns__CustomObj__c)}" id="someId">View CustomObj Tab</a>

But when that same page is edited in Eclipse, it appears like this:


<a href="{!URLFOR($Action.CustomObj__c.Tab, $ObjectType.CustomObj__c)}" id="someId">View CustomObj Tab</a>


This is kind of surprizing, and causing problems with SVN showing changes where there aren't any.


Any suggestions on why this is?




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Bill EidsonBill Eidson


  Chuck -


  Namespace references within an object's own namespace are not shown; it shouldn't have been showing up earlier.




  - Bill