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pageblocktable display question

hello all,

i have simple question for you all (hopefully its simple)

ive created a a small visualforce pageblocktable an added to the account pagelayout.

when it displays on the account page it shows the table but underneath the table is a block of white space

anyone know how to get rid of that? anyone else have this formatting error?
I second this question. I have what sounds like a very similar element.
Ideally I'd like to display the block table without the page block visible, and have integrate more smoothly in the layout. Any help, pointers, in this direction would be appreciated.
When you put a Visualforce page in a detail page layout, you define the vertical size in the layout.  So:

Go to the layout and edit it
Click on your Visualforce page in the layout to highlight it
Click the Edit Properties button

You'll see that there's a height property there in pixels.  You can turn that down to decrease the amount of whitespace.
OK, this works, but does this mean the section height is fixed? Then it's not very responsive, and will probably end up being too short or two tall most of the time. Thanks.
Seems like putting a VF page into the layout and making it disappear smoothly into the layout is hard. Can this be done where the VF area pageblock has no page block heading?
Yes, this is true.  The issue is that the Visualforce is served from a different domain than the overall Salesforce.com page, and so the Visualforce page can't adjust the height of the frame that it's in.  I don't know of a terribly good solution to this right now.
Hmm. Thinking about this still. Sounds like I kind of have to make the VF area into a page block.
So far it looks ok above the detail area. I'd like to see what it looks like under the detail area before the related lists - is it possible to squeeze it in there? I can't figure out how to place it between these.
thank you for answering this question.  i didn't know you could specify the length/width of the vf pages in the page layout. this information is critical to know!

What is the easiest way to make the size of a pageblock dynamic?  I have a custom VF component that can be expanded or collapsed.  Different objects will have different amounts of data in them and I want to make the pageblock fit to the contents.