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Apex Data Loader in the Sandbox

I'm trying to insert new records via the data loader to a custom object but nothing is uploaded.  I am connected and can extract data from the custom object but everytime I try to insert, update or upsert I get a operations finished dialog but nothing happens. The dialog says "The operation has fully completed. There were 0 successful inserts and 0 errors". Help is appreciated. 


I had a similar experience today that began with the records not loading at all from a larger set.  The initial load was successful minus 3 records.  These 3 records didn't create an error at all.  I have tried to reload, but no luck, as if I was loading an empty file.


Any feedback on this?  My CSV file is not empty, mapping seems fine, no errors no successes either, I have 117 rows in there... 





I have not received any updates.  I did get the load to work by re-exporting the data to a new file.  The insert worked.  This is clearly an undocumented feature.  I can't explain what happened.  I compared field by field the records that failed to load against the successes and could not find anything obvious.  Not until I tried a new file did I achieve success.  Good Luck!


Thanks for the quick feedback.  I tried a few things so far.

- The CSV had been saved on a Mac, realized I had a bad end of line char, fixed.

- The CSV was including "," in numbers, I did change that, doing so the " dissapeared, make sense. 

- Removed % signs that I had in the data.

- Double checked the data formats were good.


The last thing is to try Tab delimited... I am running out of ideas... 





Tried with a Tab delimited file instead, same problem... 


The odd thing is that the file parses properly as the tool tells me how many records it contains... 



Try a smaller subset of the data you want to insert or update and see what happens.  Rename the CSV file while you're at it



Rick TrierweilerRick Trierweiler

I just ran into a similar problem.


Eventually I discovered that Excel had saved the dates in the data as serial numbers. When I changed the date columns to show the dates in mm/dd/yy format the problem was solved. It seems that the data loader should either accept the serial number format or report an error.


I struggled with this error (or, more accurately, lack of any error or success) for an hour before realizing my mistake:  Earlier in the day, I'd configured Data Loader to do an export starting at row 200, and I forgot to undo the configuration afterwards.  Removing the "Start at row" setting did the trick.


I just had the same issue, and it turned out to be an issue with a date field. Have the date in your csv file as: '2012-11-02


Mind the " ' " sign before the 2012, and make sure the field setting in the column is set to "general". This did the trick for me.


I find the same issue if I past into a CSV file (MS Excel 2003), save it, then try to truncate the fields (saving into a smaller space) and save it again.  Its as if the data loader tries to recognize the columns I had originally saved to on my first save.  

Using Apex Data Loader 21 in production.  

Had gone round and round with this issue today until I found your thread.  Thanks for the help with the date format!