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Is there a setting to let me write to an Auto Number field with the Data Loader?

I have a managed package that defines an object whose Name is an Auto Number field. A customer who has the managed package wants to import some data from another org into his current org, and maintain the Auto Number values that he had in his original org, instead of having new Auto Number values assigned. 


I know you can ask Salesforce to allow you to use the Data Loader to write to the CreatedDate and LastModifiedDate fields. Will they also allow us to write to an Auto Number field?


(Before you suggest I temporarily change the field type to Text,l please note that the field is defined in a managed package, so I can't change its field type.)


I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to ask about the Black Tab on a public forum, MJ. Only a current or previous employee should know about that feature, and therefore it would be pointless (and possibly in violation of IP) to ask about BT here. I recommend that you contact Technical Support directly.


Edit: While I'm at it, I might mention that Tier 1 (and probably even Tier 2) would probably not know that answer, because their profile permissions essentially limits them to searching for users and orgs, resetting passwords, using Login Access, and accessing debug logs. You'll probably need to have this escalated to Tier 3 or higher.


Sorry -- I've seen and heard that phrase often enough in the past that it didn't occur to me that the words might be sensitive. I've edited the original posting title to remove the words -- you might want to do the same in yours.


I shouldn't have suggested *how* they might allow us to write to an Auto Number field. I should have just asked whether it's possible for Support to enable that ability for some limited period of time, like they can for CreatedDate and LastModifiedDate.


The question has been asked already in a Case, but it can take a day or two for this kind of question to filter up to the people who can answer it.  I thought I might get a quicker response through these boards, if somebody here has already investigated this question.


Speaking of which, thank you for your quick response!








Is that possible to set AutoNumber field writeable on Data Import?


I want to transfer data from CSV file to Custom object (Object belongs to Managed Package).


CSV file contain an AutoNumber field. I want to use the same field on Data Import instead of Auto Number generated By Salesforce. After Importing data, I want to set this field System Generated.


Does salesforce allow us to do this?




Kirill YunussovKirill Yunussov
This is still unanswered.  Anyone knows a solution? We are facing this too now, and need to disable managed package autonumbering for data migration.  Thanks
Business ProgramBusiness Program
Still unanswered? A slightly different question/request: is it possible to simply enable write permissions for auto-number fields for a custom object? We are attempting to upsert data through Dataloader.io and it would be much easier to enable write permissions for the field rather than changing its type to 'text' every time we want to upsert data.
Erik  HamelinkErik Hamelink
If we take a look at: https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewHelpDoc?id=notes_on_changing_custom_field_types.htm&language=en
Than we can do this:
1. Export your current data (id + auto number field).
2. Change field type to text (all data is lost). 
3. import your "new" data and import the backup you created in step 1.
4. reset the field type to auto number.

And you should be all good, enjoy :)

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Erik, I appreciate your weighing in on this 4+ year old post, but as I explained in the original post, I can't change the type of this particular field, since it's part of a managed package. So thanks, but your solution won't work for me.