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Mandeep DekaMandeep Deka 

Help with Force.com IDE

Hi all,


I have a template renamed in my Org but eclipse still retained the old template name and did not update the name of the new template in package.xml file under the types tag. And now it has a warning message in the Problems window saying "Refresh error: Entity of type 'XXXXTemplate' named 'unfiled$public/XXXXX_Template' not found package.xml,  /DevOrg/src,  line 1, Force.com retrieve problem"


Any help would be appreciated as I don't want to create anymore new projects and fetch it again. Thanks

salesforce expertsalesforce expert

the best way to do this is to delete the template from your project and go to add/remove components in your force ide perspective. this will add your change in the project.


let me know if it helps you!