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Deployment quick, Eclipse slooooooooooooooooow...

Hi all,

Does anyone know why my eclipse deployment plan is painfully slow?  I'm only working on a small org and according to the Monitor Deployments page, a deployment usually takes about 1 minute.  However, the Deployment Plan page on eclipse can be open easily for 10 minutes and its very frustrating.  Why is the deployment so fast and yet eclipse doesn't show me the results until 10-15 minutes later??  It never used to do it at my previous company so I'm assuming its something to do with the setup here.  During the time when I'm waiting for eclipse to show me the Deployment Completed page, the eclipse.exe process can be using up to 99% according to task manager, so it slows my whole machine down.


It does this no matter how many items I'm deploying and despite the actual speed of the deployment.


Can anyone shed some light on how to improve this?  My current Eclipse.ini file looks like this:







I am using the standalone IDE of force.com and I am experiencing this same issue.

The deployment gets done quickly when viewed from the monitor deployment page, but the IDE takes really long (sometimes upto 30 minutes) to show the results, during this time the CPU usage is full too.

I wonder what is the IDE doing that it needs to use up full CPU for so long? It's a real waste of time because I can't use the IDE during this time!