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Override the process of Standard button with the VF Page

I want to override (replace) the process of the Standard button of an Object with a new Visualforce Page, but when I click on the Override action of this button then select the Visualforce Page option and I didn't see any available Visualforce Page. I have already successfully created a new Visualforce Page and I really saw it in the Salesforce system. Do any expert have any idea how to make this Visualforce Page available for this Object?
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I think the page should not be referenced (used) by another object/related list also the page may need to use the standrad controller/extension of the object you are trying to link the page to.

Ron HessRon Hess
The override depends on pages that use StandardController, you can still have an extension, but your visualforce page must use standardController before it will appear in the page layout editor.