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Would Visualforce pages run in Salesforce Offline Edition?


I am done a lot of search in Salesforce.com and can not find anywhere an indication whether the VF customization can be used in offline edition?


I can not use my sandbox cerdentials to login into the offlline edition either to check things out before moving the customizations into live production instance.


Thanks in advance for your attention.

No they can't.

This is very dangerous, we are planning to customize some functionality of the Opportunity to Quoting in SF.com and if in offline mode those customizations are not available the data integration will break!


What is your recommendation for scenarios like this?

Not use the offline version alltogether?

or not to customization salesforce?


There is no general recommendation for this decision as it is dependent on the value of the offline client versus the loss of the custom UI that Visualforce brings.


Most situations I've seen people tend to keep the Visualforce  for online interactions and deal with the offline limitation.


Just as an added statement, I would say that your Visualforce should generally avoid implementing features that can't be replicated offline. For example, some time later, when some hapless administrator tries to upload a data file with the Data Loader or via the Import Wizard, they'll suddenly have a big mess on their hands, potentially magnified by hundreds, thousands, or even millions of records.


Consider moving your business logic into a trigger, and perform only "UI" enhancements within your actual page controller. The controller can then invoke the trigger using the normal controller.save() method or any of the DML language constructs. As a real-life example, my current project I'm working on has the "Visualforce implements the business logic" code all over the place, and it's created a major hassle. I inherited the project and it's my duty to fix it, and I can tell you from an ongoing, current personal experience, it's a design best avoided if possible.

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Hi Everyone;
Has there been any enhancement that would enable Visualforce pages to run in Salesforce Offline Edition?