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URLFOR for a tab

I tried doing the following:


<apex:commandButton action="{!URLFOR($Action.Case.Tab, null)}" value="Cases Tab" />


to send the user to cases tab (which is overriden). HOwever, this gives me an error message (below).

How does one 'procure' the URL for cases tab in a dynamic fashion (since is no longer the factory page)?



Invalid parameter for function URLFOR





      To send user on Case tab why are you using CommandLink. It's action events did not handle url's for that use either outputLink or other components.


From the online help:

When you override the tab home page for a standard or custom tab, set target to the "Tab" $Action global variable and id to the object type. For example, URLFOR($Action.Account.Tab, $ObjectType.Account) 


So you need {!URLFOR($Action.Case.Tab, $ObjectType.Case)}

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