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Custom visualforce page in standard layout



I am trying to insert a Visualforce page in standard layout of my custom object.


I was successful in inserting it in layout editor. But it is displaying Only in Detail Form of the record. I need to display it in Edit Part of the record too.


How can I do that? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

That's not supported today.  You can override the edit action for the given object but inline Visualforce page components in page layouts will only surface in the detail (read-only view) of the record.



Were you able to get this to work?  I am trying to do the same thing and don't kow where to start.




Todd B.


I would suggest as mtbclimber said to override the EDIT page, since you are trying to add custom behaviours and possibly even styles and forms, you should customize it entirely.


You do lose some flexibility , but i believe its would be the best approach, for not only getting the desired result but also to enforce whatever logic you need etc.